Meet the Guardians

Meet the Guardians Programme

The role of the guardians in the educational progress of every child is very important. As such we have launched “Meet the Guardians Programme” after every Semester Examination in which guardians, especially of the weaker students are invited to see the Principal personally along with their wards to investigate the cause of poor performance and also to discuss the ways and means for their improvement by giving proper guidance. The students are also warned of the consequences that lie ahead in case one fails to improve. A well co-ordinated approach of the teachers and guardians is bound to yield good result.
Regularity is one prime factor for the academic pursuit of any student. Those who are irregular generally show poor performance in the examinations. The attendance of such students will be discused/intimated in such a meeting. Such irregular students who fail in the Pre-Council Examination may not be given Admit Cards for the Promotion Examination of Class XI or for the Higher Secondary Examination of Class XII.