1. School hours are from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. during summer and 9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. during winter.
2. Students should reach the school premises at least 15 minutes ahead.
3. Students are required to attend classes regularly and in time.
4. Students with cumulative attendance of less than 75 % may not be sent up for promotion or Higher Secondary Examination. They will be dealt with rules framed by the school from time to time.
5. Habitual late coming and irregular attendance are highly discouraged. Students coming late to school should seek the permission of the Principal before going to the class.If a student comes late by more than 5 minutes, he/she may not be allowed to attend the class.
6. For any absence from school, leave applications written in their own handwriting and countersigned by the guardians should be submitted well in time to the office before 10 a.m. Leave granted shall be duly recorded.
7. Absence without leave is not allowed.
8. Unauthorised absence for 7 consecutive days will lead to cancellation of his or her name from the school register.

9. Unauthorised absence for 7 days in a month will lead to cancellation of his or her name from the school register.
10. Leave application for absence for 5 days or more on medical ground should accompany medical certificate from the doctor attending on him or her.
11. Special arrangements shall be made to hold extra classes on Sundays and Holidays if the situation demands to make up any deficiency. Students should attend such classes without fail.
12. Attendance record of students (daily/Monthly) can be seen by the guardians from time to time from the school office.
Absence During Examination
Absence during examination is seriously viewed. Even if one falls ill seriously, leave application accompanied with doctor’s prescription/medical certificate and duly countersigned by parents/guardians should be submitted at the earliest. Such leave applications after the close of examination will not be entertained. Any absence with or without leave during examinations will attract a fine of Rs. 1000/- (rupees one thousand) per subject. For absence without leave during examination a fine of Rs. 2000/- (rupees two thousand) per subject will be imposed.
Class Representatives
For every section of a class, two class representatives, one for the boys and another for the girls will be elected from amongst those who are regular. They will work together and seek co-operation of other fellow students in the conduct of all the functions of the school. They will serve as a via media between the students & the teachers or the Principal