School Bus Service

Students in and around Imphal can enjoy the facility of school bus service. Students are not allowed to come by two wheelers. However, they may be dropped by their guardians according to their convenience either by two wheelers or four wheelers.
Bus Service Rules
1. Students willing to enjoy School Bus Service should apply at the time of admission.
2. Class XI & XII students have to pay Bus Fee for 12 Months.
3. Students who once joined Bus Service cannot withdraw from the Bus Service for the Session.
4. Students without Bus card are not allowed to board the School Bus.
5. Disciplinary actions will be taken against those who get down from the School Bus without prior approval from the Principal before reaching the destination.
6. Any unwanted behaviour of a student while in the bus is punishable, even to the extent of expulsion from the school.
7. Students must wait for the Bus at the pickup point in time and should not let the Bus wait.
8. Students coming by a particular school bus have to return by the same bus.
9. Students are not allowed to arrange Van Service without prior permission from the Principal.
10. Students desirous of availing of the Bus Service after the start of the session should apply to the Principal. Only after due approval, they may join the Bus Service.