Fees and Fines

1. Students have to pay tuition fees for a full calendar year of twelve months.
2. Monthly Tuition fee are payable at the Bank of Baroda, Thangal Bazar and its Branches, in favour of Herbert School, Changangei, Imphal from 10th to 15th.
3. A late fine of Rs. 20/- per month shall be charged if fees are paid after the scheduled date.
4. Improvement exam fee will be charged to any student who fails in any of the school exams and the amount to be charged will be decided from time to time.
5. A fine of Rs. 20.00 per day shall be imposed for absence without leave.
6. A fine of Rs. 1000/- per subject shall be imposed for absence without leave during Examination and a fine of Rs. 2,000/- per subject shall be imposed for absence during improvement exam.
7. The names of students who are highly irregular will be struck off from the class register. They are not allowed to attend the classes unless the guardians give a written declaration to the effect that he/she will be fully responsible for the regularity of the ward in future.
8. A sum of Rs. 5000/- will be charged for renewal of admission if the student wishes to continue his/her studies once his/her name is struck off from the register for irregularity. For students repeatedly warned of high irregularity, necessary punitive actions including expulsion from the school or heavy fine will be decided for individual cases.
9. Any students who has not cleared his/her dues will be debarred from appearing the Council Examination.
10. Admit cards for Council Examination are issued only to those bonafide students who have cleared all the school dues.