Synchro School Programme

Integrated School Programme In Herbert School

Herbert School is offering School Integrated Program for super-achievers from the academic session 2015-16.Under this program, preparation for competitive exams for JEE/NEET and formal school education/Council Exams is completely synchronized under one roof.
This program, developed by Herbert School in academic partnership with  Resonance Distance Learning Program Division, Kota (Rajasthan) is a revolutionary approach for competitive exams preparation, which surpasses all the known formats of coaching. In our Integrated School Program, students are prepared for Competitive Examinations along with Council Exam preparation during the school hours and within the school premises. This saves ample time for self-study and ultimately leads to crystal clear clarity of concepts. This approach enables a stress free learning environment and a dual advantage for students enabling them to excel in competitive exams and produce best results in the school/council exams.
Admission to School Integrated Program
Admission to this program will be based on Merit list of Admission Test and personality of student. Final enrolment of student  to the following courses will be decided taking into consideration of the above criteria at the time of counselling.
Integrated 2 Years Program – Engineering
Integrated 2 Years Program – Medical
Course Objectives
1     To extend the benefit of expertise of selective Herbert school lecturers in training to groom good and deserving students-wherever they are.
2     To enhance the probability of getting selection for either JEE/NEET without any time lapse after XII standard.
3     To provide the benefit of highly researched and extensive course contents to students without additional time requirement.
4     To provide the benefit of tried, tested and proven teaching methodology to students.
5     To save the students and their parents from botheration and inconvenience of commutation after normal school hours.
Distinctive Features

Distinctive Features:
1     Course Material by India’s leading Education Training Centre- Resonance Distance Learning Program Division, Kota (Rajasthan).
2     Regular Classroom teaching supported by Systematic Class Notes and audio-visual aids. Comprehensive Study Material (Daily Practice Problems and Sheets), Adequate Home Work & its Discussion and Interactive Doubt Discussion Sessions.
3     Competitive exposure to vast group of students of Resonance Distance Learning Program Division, Kota (Rajasthan).
4     Maintenance of individual student files to keep a track of student’s progress.
Course Structure
1     Duration: 2 Years.
2     Subjects to be taught for JEE : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General English, Alt. English / Manipuri and Physical Education.
3     Subjects to be taught for AIPMT: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General English, Alt. English/Manipuri and Mathematics/Physical Education.
4     Syllabus Contents: Competitive Examinations and COHSEMexam.
5     Syllabus Exposure Level:Compétitive Examinations+COHSEM.
6     Time duration for each Academic Session:
i     Duration of each lecture: One Hour
ii     First three periods will be on lectures of Council syllabus for PCM/PCB.
iii     Second three periods will be on lectures of Competetive exam pattern for PCM/PCB.
iv     Minimum 3 lectures per week in each subject.
v     Duration of the course will be from June to December (Class-XI) & May to December (Class-XII).
7     Periodic Assessment:
i     The Periodic Assessment will be done through Objective/Subjective Tests.