Synchro School Program (SSP)

Admission to Synchro School Program (SSP) 

Selection of students for Synchro Classes will be based on PC in Class-X Board Exam.

Direct Admission to SSP will be given to the HSLC Rank Holders and those securing 80% and above in equivalent exams.

Distinctive Features of SSP :

  1. Synchro School Program is only for students offering Course I & II.
  2. Course Materials to be provided by India’s leading Education Training Centre- Resonance Distance Learning Program Division, Kota (Rajasthan).
  3. Regular Classroom teaching supported by Systematic Class Notes and audio-visual aids. Comprehensive Study Material (Daily Practice Problems and Sheets), Adequate Home Work & its Discussion and Interactive Doubt Discussion Sessions.
  4. Competitive exposure to vast group of students of Resonance Distance Learning Program Division, Kota (Rajasthan).
  5. Maintenance of individual student files to keep a track of student’s progress.
  6. Extra responsibility of SSP teachers for doing regular 2-3 hours library study on all working days. Their class room performance and its impact on students is regularly monitored.

Course Structure of SSP

  1. Subjects to be taught for Course I (Medical) : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General English, Alt. English/Meetei Mayek and Physical Education / Mathematics.
  2. Subjects to be taught for Course II (Engineering): Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General English, Alt. English/Meetei Mayek and Physical Education/Comp.Sc.
  3. Syllabus Contents: Competitive Examinations and COHSEM exam.
  4. Duration: One Academic Session:
  5. i) Duration of each lecture: One Hour
  6. ii) First three periods : lectures based on Council syllabus for PCM/PCB.

iii)     Second three periods: lectures based on Competetive exam pattern for PCM/PCB.

  1. Periodic Assessment:
  2. I) The Periodic Assessment will be done through Objective/Subjective Tests.
  3. ii) The Tests are of many types. These are Part Tests (PTs), Cumulative Tests (CTs), Major Tests (MTs), Open Tests (OTs).

          iii)     The frequency of the tests will be approx. once in a month.

  1. iv) The All India Test Series (AITS) shall be conducted as per the schedule of Distance Learning Programmes Division (DLPD), Resonance.
  2. Test Papers:

          Resonance will make available the Test Papers for periodic assessments.